Philipp J. A. Hartmannsgruber holds a Master in Finance & Accounting and Bachelor in Economics. He is a board member at the Bundesblock (Blockchain Bundesverband). In 2019, he founded PJAH Consulting, his blockchain and digital assets consultancy.

From 01/22-04/23 he worked as Digital Money & Digital Assets Referent at the German Savings Banks Association (DSGV), the umbrella organization of the German Savings Banks Finance Group (SFG). Previously, he was Head of Corporates & Digital Markets at CM-Equity AG and Head of Operations at Blockchain Bundesverband (Bundesblock).

He writes various articles about the digital euro, blockchain technology, Bitcon as well as the Metaverse and has his own podcast: Decrypted - Blockchain and Bitcoin with Philipp. He is also active as a speaker and moderator at professional conferences.

Medium member since May 2023
Editor of PJAH Consulting
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